Taipai or bust

Egad, I’m going to Taipai. 2 Weeks in Taiwan. An organisation called SayTaiwan has invited 250 people from around the world to celebrate their 50th year of independence from China.

I am one of the luck few that get to go. I will be blogging, taking photos, video and all sorts of things leading up the 12th of August and up until the 26 of August.

So, if you’re keen to read about my adventures in Taiwan. Bookmark me.


Interesting video from Afghanistan

I found this great 30 minute documentary on Liveleak.com about a Australian photographer in Afghanistan and his experience surviving a suicide bomb attack while traveling is Afghan solders.

Check it out, interesting watch

This is the type of journalism that I would love to do. Conflict journalism is something that must be amazing and terrifying at the same time